Nanolithography.  The Electron Beam Lithography Facility at the Institute for 
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Electron Beam Lithography Training

    We prefer that individuals be trained to operate the Elionix ELS-G100 themselves, whether they be researchers within Georgia Tech, from other academic institutions, or from a company. We can also be contracted to perform work for you.

    The first step to being trained is to attend a training session which can be requested on the website.

Electron Beam Lithography Rates

    Elionix ELS-G100 usage costs:

    The following charges apply when an individual operates the ELS-G100.
         Georgia Tech Researchers $60/hr + overhead
Other Academic Researchers $60/hr + overhead
Industrial Rate $90/hr + overhead

    What is overhead?

    Overhead costs are actual facility and administrative costs to the university that directly support research at Georgia Tech. For more information see:

    Materials and Supplies:

    $25.00/mL - ZEP520A
    $30.00/mL - ESpacer
    $49.22/g - Au pellets

    The following additional charges apply when an individual is not trained to operate the ELS-G100 and staff perform the work instead.

          Academic Rate $100/hr + overhead
Industrial Rate $100/hr + overhead

    Overhead rates are as follows:

    non-USG Universities and non-DOD federal57.8%58.2%

    For more information about these overhead rates please see:

Electron Beam Lithography Facility
Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
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