Microelectronics Research Center Georgia Institute of Technology

ZEP520A Process
    1. 60sec spincoat ZEP520A (see ZEP520A spin speed curves)
    2. 180C hotplate for 2 min
    3. expose (base dose for greater than 1um features is 200uC/cm2)
    4. 2 min immersion develop Amyl Acetate
    5. rinse IPA

To remove ZEP520A:

1. soak in n-methyl pyrrolidinone (AKA NMP, 1165 Remover) (~15min)


2. O2 plasma
    40 sccm flow O2
    250 mTorr pressure
    300 W RIE RF power
    28 C plate temperature
    ZEP520A resist etch rate = 112 Ang/sec
    (e.g. 400nm of ZEP520 is etched in 35 sec, recommend additional ~15 sec overetch)

for metal liftoff process:

1. soak in n-methyl pyrrolidinone (NMP) at 70C possibly up to 1hr (depends on features)
(if you are getting large chunks floating around in your solution, you may need to move your sample to a second NMP bath to prevent metal from reattaching to the substrate)
2. place in ultrasonic bath for 5 - 15 min